Hi, this is Lesley. Welcome to my new website.

A little about myself, being in fashion industry for most of my life I am so excited to bring you special things I love. One being The Evil Eye Necklace. Wearing it, it keeps you safe from harm and is very good luck. The Evil Eye is a belief all over the world and a lot of religions. In the Jewish Religion when a new baby is born a Red Ribbon is tied on to the baby’s crib to ward off the Evil Eye.

What’s most fascinating about the Evil Eye isn’t its mere longevity, but the fact that its usage has deviated little over the course of millennia. We’re still affixing the Evil Eye to the sides of our planes in the same way that the Egyptians and Etruscan’s painted the eye on the prows of their ships to ensure safe passage. It’s still a tradition in Turkey to bring an Evil Eye token to newborn babies, echoing the belief that young children are often the most susceptible to the curse.

Next time you have an eye out for jewelry, make sure you take a look at the necklace I spoke about in this blog.