Wearing a great hat to church, is an event all it’s own. Going to church is one of my favorite things to do.  Church, has a lot of things I truly believe in. Yes there is the spiritual aspect.  But the people are fantastic.  We dress better than we typically do.  And it seems like the place we as people, go to feel better about the work we do as people.  We do this work to be better.  And we do this work to feel better.  Feeling better is something we as people strive for. Plus I most of us like getting dressed up to see and feel our maker on a weekly basis.  Sometimes more.  There is a huge sense of relief when we walk it.  Like I’m doing something that is making my spirit whole.  We as humans, like being more than what we are.  I’m a worrier. Prayer and church seems to alleviate that stress.  Faith brings me to an inner place of piece.  Ever since I was young, I’ve always been looking for peace of mind.  With all the things I gotta do, it’s the things I do with my heart and soul connected that helps me really feel alive and grateful. And going to church is that place that brings all of these thing to fruition for me and our community.


We wear different hats to be different people.  I don’t change, really.  But as I wear different hats I get to have a whole new perspective. I’m not talking about the Halloween version if being different, but those summer beach hats are a great way to protect my face and neck.  Or there are hats that keep me safe.  And hats that help others know what job I’m doing.  Hats help other people keep me accountable to a job or task.  Can you imagine what the mailman would look like with a firefighters helmet.  Or a motorcycle police officer with a beach hat.  They Just like any good style and fashion, hats help define us more to what and who I am.  Or at least who I’m working on being.  The uniform hat is always changing, just like we are as people.


Have you ever seen those fantastic shows and movies from the early 50’s when all the women wore fantastic hats to church.  Big fantastic hats that carve out a real sense style. Hats that even have veils. Women would pull out all the stops with the biggest and best hats.. it always looks exhausting and nothing less than fabulous. Big colorful hats.  And the proper behavior to boot.  Proper English and manners always.  It was a HUGE faux-pa to even be rude.  It seems that those days have died.  And all those great hats, that turned into leggings and flip-flops.  How do we re-teach that proper attire for the world. It seems that people would treat others better as well.  If nothing else, we’d look great in church.